Sony released the "Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy" at the right time. Gamers still can’t get enough of what Nintendo did with the NES Classic Edition, so another nostalgia treat that harks back to the PlayStation 1 era is more than welcome.

For starters, the PS1 generation is fully embracing the move by Sony to bring back what The Daily Express described as the face of an iconic gaming platform. The report said that Nintendo had Mario, while Sega was represented by Sonic. "Crash Bandicoot" had the same effect for PlayStation, paving the way for characters like Lara Croft and Cloud Strife.

Embracing the 'Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy' game

But setting aside the retro bliss, Gamers Classified said in a report N. Sane Trilogy is beyond Nostalgia. As the game is now processed on PS4, the modern touch delivered by game developers Vicarious Visions is hard to miss. Essentially, the old favorites CB, Cortex Strikes Back, and Warped are now served with noticeable gaming enhancements while preserving most of the original elements.

The visuals, for instance, are nothing short of stunning. The review by Gamers Classified declared: “The trilogy’s most immediately noticeable change comes in the form of its completely overhauled visuals, boasting perhaps the best graphical reinvigoration a PlayStation 1-generation game has yet received.”

The visuals of the game

The visual revamp did not in any way alter the original Bandicoot DNA.

The Express said the game trilogy is worth the buy if the purpose is to enjoy endless hours of fun. “All three original PlayStation Crash Bandicoot games under one roof will give you plenty of things to do,” the report said, adding the N. Sane package is ready to unload fun in nearly unlimited quantity.

Being a retro offering, the resurrected Bandicoot is far from simple fun.

Conquering the game, in fact, will not be easy but the Express said there lies the fun. The N. Sane Trilogy is challenging enough for a gamer to get hooked at an instance, which translates to the optimal enjoyment.

Now Trilogy fun can also be frustrating, which is a key game element that could prompt one to ask for more. Or ask why Crash Team Racing wasn’t part of the deal.

CTR, according to Forbes, was “the genuine deal, the last official Crash Bandicoot game that Naughty Dog worked on.

So it’s a puzzle Crash Team Racing failed to make the cut of the finalized Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.