Atari CEO Fred Chesnais made it known that his company is in the process of launching a new Video Game Console. The arcade game company has unveiled a video teasing a brand new hardware, dubbed as the #Ataribox. Even though the video teaser doesn't reveal that much, but it claims that the upcoming gaming system will sport a wood-grain design.

The video teaser for the Atari video game console showed an image of some kind of a device. While some people believe the teaser was fake, Atari CEO Chesnais confirmed that Atari is indeed working on a new gaming console.

Atari console based on PC technology

Chesnais revealed that the new Atari video game console has been years in the making. Chesnais declined to pitch in a lot of details about the upcoming gaming system. But, Chesnais stated that the device is based on PC technology. Atari CEO also said that the arcade game company is still working on the design of the console and will divulge it at a later date.

It appears that Atari would offer a retro console. Game enthusiasts are expecting the video game company should keep the price of the console down and provide all of Atari’s games. The new Atari console will be at capacity and power that a retro gaming system would need. Nonetheless, the arcade game company has years analyzing a way to roll out a device that can compete with, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft’s best video game products.

Atari competing with high-end products

The Ataribox console is said to compete with PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4 Slim and Microsoft’s Xbox One X. However, the strongest companies in the gaming world are even planning to roll out better products. For instance, Microsoft invested about $100 million for the development of Xbox One’s controller.

In spite of that, the Ataribox is expected include exclusive games, new options and a chance for game developers to provide original games. Game enthusiasts are expecting the new gaming console to have a combination of retro games with modern features.

Some people assumed Atari is making a gaming system akin to Nintendo’s wildly popular short-lived NES Classic Edition.

Wherein, the NES Classic Edition turned out to be popular for providing an easy method to play old video games. NES Classic edition’s huge success made it known that that nostalgia’s market is a great one.

That being said, Atari CEO claimed that the revival of the company is well under way. Although the video game company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2013, Chesnais purchased it and pledged to make the company great again. Now, Atari is profitable, and the company is engaged in launching mobile games.

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