Pokemon Raids, that one addition in "Pokemon GO!" gaming experience, is the new reason for playing the augmented reality mobile game. This new and innovative feature is enough to log-in once again and try those highly-leveled Pokemon bosses. Though as exciting as it may sound, it is as frustrating as it is fun.

How does a 'Pokemon Raid' work?

It is like a gym battle, you need to enter 6 Pokemon, but the boss will be very high-leveled. The boss can be taken down alone, with a friend, or with any other players with a maximum of 20 players in a party.

The boss should be taken down within the allotted time to be able to claim the rewards. After the battle, players will be awarded items such as Premier Ball, Rare Candies, TMs, or Golden Razz Berries. Extra items would be given to those who displayed excellent battle prowess. The team will then be able to catch the Pokemon using their Premier Balls.

The five tiers and the 'Legendaries'

There are said to be five tiers available, with tier 1 being the easiest and tier 5 being the hardest. Tier 1 consists of Johto final starters second evolutions namely Croconaw, Bayleaf, and Quilava with an odd addition of Magikarp (and it won't just splash at you). Tier 2 will be the all favorite Kanto Pokemon Electabuzz, Magmar, Exeggutor, Weezing, and Muk.

Tier 3 consists of elemental powerhouses like Arcanine, Flareon, Vaporeon, with Machamp and Alakazam as a yin and yang. And lastly, Tier 4 includes Kanto starters' final evolution, Venosaur, Blastoise and Charizard with Tyranitar, Lapras, and Rhydon.

The Tier 5, which is said to be the hardest tier, is said to be the way Niantic will release the legendaries.

Since it is also confirmed that the Legendaries will arrive in summer together with the most awaited Pokemon Trainer Battles or PvP.

Tips on fighting Pokemon Bosses

Just like an old school Pokemon game, trainers should prepare for gym battles. And by preparing for gym battles, it is meant to throw a team with moves that exploit Weaknesses.

So instead of a well-balanced team, it is better to have a lineup consisting of fire type Pokemon if the boss will be a grass type. If you're against a Tier 4 Charizard, shower it with love from your most powerful Water type Pokemon moves. If you really want diversity, then aim for Pokemon that have a dual type weakness, such as Venosaur, with Fire and Psychic weakness. And just like good old Ash Ketchum, do dodge. It saves lives.