In November, millions of Americans friends and family alike, huddled around their television sets. They were highly anticipating the decision that their fellow American's assisted in making. This decision was the most recent Presidential Election.

We saw many different views. There were many supporters of Hillary Clinton and many supporters of Donald Trump. Both sides submitted various ideas, and views that made them stick out. Only one could be chosen, and America 'chose' Trump.

Success or Failure?

Trump won, but not by the people's vote. He won by the Electoral College vote.

This means, simply the people voted for Clinton, as she had the popular vote. Trump, however, won more than 50 percent of the electoral college votes. From the very beginning Americans began to see small changes in the views of those who had wholeheartedly supported the new President.

Firstly, Trump Banned immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. This is the first time, in a long time that we have seen certain regions being banned from coming to the 'land of opportunity.'

Trump has heightened the nuclear tensions in Asia greatly. Trump has said that "Japan, and North Korea would both benefit from having their own nuclear arsenals." This for one sounds like a disastrous plan to me.

Stop helping them and not know what they are doing on their own? This brings about a whole new lines of gray areas in America's Intel.

Second, we have the armada of warships Trump sent to Korea. Now, we think back to the election interviews and debates. Trump claimed during one, "I love War!" Does he love war enough to start an unnecessary one with a land that we know are making their own Nuclear weapons?

The Confusion

The confusion surrounds not only Trump's personal relationship with Russia but also America's relationship with Russia has been under much scrutiny. Early in his campaign, Trump had praised Vladimir Putin (The President of Russia), as a strong and wise leader. This was before the CIA discovered that Russia was responsible for hacking Democratic Party e-mails during the campaign.

The relationship appeared to take a sharp downward turn after the chemical attack on Syria. This was blamed on the Syrian Government, as well as Russia's support for President Bashar al-Assad (Syrian President)

Trump has also made it known through his critical judging that he does not care for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). He claimed the organization in its entirety is obsolete, and that the members of it simply benefit of the USA. The Defense Secretary told NATO that Washington's Commitment would lessen unless they obeyed his Boss' wishes too raise their defense spending to 2% of the GDP. When the money started, rolling in as Trump put it he stated his 'Tough Talk' would come to fruitful conclusions.

The choice of whether America has made a Mistake, or these all are just coincidences depends on America. Some like myself thing there are just far too many to ignore. The final decision must be made by you. Is it a success or a failure?