"PAYDAY 2" is one of the longest running and most popular multiplayer video game. The game is also one of the most regularly updated ones, totaling up to four years of extra content for players to play around. Surprisingly, gamers of “PAYDAY 2” will still expect another year full of steady supply of contents. The most decisive bundle for the game, entitled “PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition” is also set to reach fans this year.

‘PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition’: The game fans are waiting for

The team behind the game, Overkill Software, announced that they will be releasing “PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition” this year.

Players who stopped playing the game will now have all the drive to start reaching for their controllers again since the upcoming new game will have technically everything that a “PAYDAY” gamer is looking for. That means that all the 144 updates that the game had since its first release in 2013 for their PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 versions are included in the game.

The ultimate edition is also Overkill Software’s way of saying a huge thank you for all the gamers and fans who stood by them throughout the game’s existence. 2017 was not a good year for the game since it experienced ups and downs in the gaming industry. To make their sincere thank you message to the fans clearer, “PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition’s” price is marked down to $45.

This is a huge price decrease from the original base version since it also includes all the paid DLCs, which could to the amount of more than $200. The ultimate edition can also be avail for another 10% discount during the time of its first release in September 2018.

Free DLCs for the fans of the game

In addition, Overkill Software also announced that the support end for “PAYDAY 2” will be moved to October 2018.

What made the deal even sweeter and better is that every game owners are entitled to free DLs for the whole year, until the support ends. This is not even limited to selected DLCs since the company announced that everything will be free.

The delay of the highly anticipated “The Walking Dead” was also pushed back the same date, without prior announcement why.

The first person shooting game was set to be released in the second half of next year, despite the set release of 2016.

Finally, for fans who are waiting for the update regarding “PAYDAY 3,” you would need to wait for a little bit longer. Overkill Software announced that the third installment is already in its pre-production. For the meantime, enjoy playing “PAYDAY 2” since the free DLCs will mean a lot for the gaming community.