The fifteenth main installment in the "Final Fantasy" series, "Final Fantasy 15," continues to be a roaring success since its release back in November of last year. Now, Sony apparently wants to capitalize on that success by releasing a brand new game based on the property for their virtual reality headset, the Sony playstation vr.

Unexpected announcement

At Sony's press conference during the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event, the company made a surprising new announcement regarding an upcoming PlayStation VR game called "Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy 15." The teaser trailer that was presented during the event revealed that the game was apparently a fishing simulation video game set in the world of "Final Fantasy 15."

Not an ordinary simulation title

The brand new DLC for the hit open-world action role-playing title was revealed to be not just any regular fishing game.

For one, the fishes that players will be catching are not just ordinary fishes as some of them are in fact the size of buses. Players will be taking the role of Noctis, the Main Protagonist of the base game, as he attempts to track down different species of fish.

The creatures range from harmless small fishes to giant sea serpents with gaping jaws lined with razor sharp teeth. Given that the game will be experienced through virtual reality, there will be a few jump scares sprinkled here and there to make the game much more exciting. Noctis is also seen in the trailer hanging out with his friends while they enjoy eating the day's catch.

The trailer itself also showcased a scan feature, which players will apparently use to search through different bodies of water to track down different fishes.

It is not yet clear if the scanner can track larger monster fishes within the game as it would negate the surprise factor of encountering them randomly.

Not the game that was expected

Several fans apparently had mixed feeling during the announcement as most would agree that this was not the "Final Fantasy 15" announcement they were expecting.

Some fans actually expected Square Enix to reveal a new story based DLC or other new content. It is not yet clear if the game itself will sell and if the popularity of the franchise would help it get off the shelves when it arrives. The concept does sound a bit ridiculous, but then again there really no way of predicting how fans will react to it.

"Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy 15" is scheduled to be released this September for the PlayStation VR.