With the release of Destiny 2 quickly approaching, the PC version has been getting more attention lately. Bungie has released some juicy info to a select few YouTubers but declined to allow any gameplay recording, only allowing them to play the PC version of Destiny 2 in office.

Destiny 2 is coming to the PC!

Some critical Details have finally been revealed about the PC version, including resolution, FPS, and graphical setting customization. While most of the info gives PC gamers reason to rejoice, there are still some details to consider.

How does it look and feel compared to consoles?

A lot of gamers ask this question, and rightly so. Typically, PC games have the ability to run most games (given the proper level of hardware) at or above 60 frames-per-second (FPS). Destiny 2, as reported by Bungie, will have its FPS unlocked on PC, allowing the game to run well above 30, 60, and 120 FPS, with the right hardware of course.

This increase in frames is drastic and very welcomed by the PC gaming community. Even on the PS4 Pro, Destiny 2 will only run at a very disappointing locked 30fps (and capped here for all consoles, unfortunately). Even more so, Destiny 2 is capable of running at 4k while maintaining a solid 60fps on PC.

Running at a stable 60 frames will surly boast well for the game, considering Destiny (one) was capped at 30 on PC.

The difference when simply watching the game may not be as noticeable, but anyone who has gone from console 30fps to PC 60fps+ (such as I have) can vouch for the difference. The feeling of such smooth movement makes me wonder how I ever was able to play fast-paced games on console and not realize the deficit. It's just one of those things where you can't miss what you never experienced.

Some other notable features included are an FOV (field of view) slider; while not in the current build of the game, devs promised it for the final release. That seems to be something the devs stressed with other PC specific settings as well, settings such as raw mouse input and Vsync options were not available in the current PC build but were promised for the release build.

What was included in the current build were graphical settings such as anti-aliasing, motion blur, texture quality, foliage detail, shadow quality, depth of field, ambient occlusion, and even more! PC gamers won't have a lack of graphical settings to play with, that's for sure. Some options not promised for the final release but would be wise for Bungie to include for their PC fans would be ADS (aim down sight) mouse sensitivity customization and hold vs. click for ADS.

One very important piece of information is the release date for Destiny 2 on PC. While the console version is slated for a Sept. 8th release, the PC version has yet to receive a solidly confirmed release date. This doesn't exactly mean it won't release on Sep.

8th, but it may not nonetheless.

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