Call of Duty: WW2 livestream’s first episode recently concluded but left fans with more questions than answers. However, it has been confirmed that the Battle with the biggest casualty for US forces can be played. Here’s a rundown of the points tackled during The Making Call of Duty.

Activision is clearly trying to win back its gamers by taking a massive step with only 5 months left until the game’s release and with E3 just around the corner. Thus, Sledgehammer Games unleashed some details during the livestream event on Facebook.

Alison Haislip, senior creative director Bret Robbins, and Sledgehammer cofounder Glen Schofield answered fan questions.

So, in the 30-minute livestream, here’s what we’ve got.

Battle of the Bulge

Senior creative director Bret Robbins confirmed that Battle of the Bulge scenes will be in Call Of Duty: WW2. “It was a huge battle,” said Robbins, “We had to include it.”

Going back in history, the Battle of the Bulge was the last offensive from the Germans in the West in 1944. This battle also marks the highest casualty for the United States during WW2 and also destroyed German forces in the West, although they were able to replace them immediately.

Axis Soldiers

The livestream, however, didn’t confirm whether or not gamers will be able to play as Axis soldiers in single-player campaign, but it was already previously confirmed that players get to be play as Germans for the multiplayer mode.

“I can’t really talk about that directly,” Robbins added, saying that he would leave that as a “mystery” for now.

Gore and health regeneration

Robbins pointed out that COD:WW2 will be filled with gore to “show what war was really like.” So, expect so much bloody scenes this time. As for health regeneration, which will not make COD: WW2 more “realistic,” Robbins said, “No comment.” So, shall we take that as a yes?

Women on COD:WW2

Activision will feature women for COD: WW2 and addressed this by noting that “women combatants were historically accurate.” “It is historically accurate. The French resistance had a lot of female fighters,” they said. These women characters will also be available for the Zombie mode and multiplayer.

Humanity on COD:WW2

Meanwhile, according to Sledgehammer cofounder Glen Schofield, COD: WW2 will recognize the humanity on both sides. He said that they want to “make a distinction between the SS and the German regular army.”He then added that they didn’t want to portray people as monsters, and they want humanity to be included in the game.

Call Of Duty: WW2 livestream event next episode

Watch for the COD: WW2 next episode which is slated to air on June 13 to 15, which is around E3. And this time, they’ll be delving into the game’s multiplayer and other social aspects of the game. Call of Duty: WW2 will be released on November 3.