Recently, Ubisoft released the controversial trailer of the much-awaited, "Far Cry 5." The provocative poster has made a buzz on the internet too and has been the subject of many talks lately. While players are ecstatic about this recent reveal, an Online Petition appeared, which instead of getting support has produced outrageously amazing reactions from gamers.

Online petition

On the website, a petition raised by Gamers United is asking Ubisoft to cancel "Far Cry 5." According to the request, the game is an insult not only to its own fan base but also to the Americans who are the primary customers of the company.

Moreover, it asks Ubisoft to change the theme of the game or just cancel it.

The online petition also raises several suggestions to make the game right. Among these include changing the antagonists. The group wants the developer to change the characters into more realistic ones. They even quoted Voltaire and spelled it as Boltair. Another suggestion is to slightly mix the races so as not to exclusively aim at white people, saying some Mexicans and African Americans could improve the variety. The group also calls on Ubisoft to change the plot by using creative tweaks. In addition, they want antagonists to be misguided patriots who are anti-autocratic over-government. Furthermore, Gamers United requests for the game setting to be changed only for particular markets.

Some of the reasons why others supported the call for the game's cancellation includes the fact that the game wants to kill doomsday zealots who are primarily white in color. Another shared that he wants racism against Islam to be stopped. Another one said there is no point in creating a horrific game that creates a greater division between Americans.

While some are seriously commenting, 90 percent of those who post their reasons for support are simply trolling.

Gamers' reaction

The petition was rather well received by gamers as evident from their comments on the site. Obviously, the petition is more of a parody or a satire intended to hype up the already popular game. To some fans, the ideas the group raise is ridiculous and laughable to a point.

Others who were taking the petition seriously rather echoed the sentiments and even said that it is calling for a less stereotyped illustration of the United States.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has released an expanded version of the cover art released previously. This latest version now includes an African-American as part of the nationalist cult, which is one of the suggestions stated in the online request. Whether the online campaign is a joke or not, it certainly hyped things up, attracting more attention from fans and critics of "Far Cry 5."