There are many people who do not understand what Veganism is and they assume that those who are vegan only eat twigs and berries. This is not only inaccurate but it is also insulting to those who choose to live a vegan lifestyle. Because many people do not understand what being vegan is and often mistake it for those who are vegetarian, this article will point out the differences between the two of them.

Vegetarian and Vegan diet

In a vegetarian diet, people do not consume meat but they will eat things such as eggs, dairy, and things that come from animals.

Those that are vegetarians choose not to eat meat either because they think that the way the animals are treated is inhumane, or they just don't care for the taste of meat. When it comes to the vegan diet, they do not consume anything that comes from animals. This doesn't only eliminate meat from their diet but anything that comes from an animal. Many vegans are also animal rights activists that protest the treatment of animals in the cosmetic industry and the animals that are kept in close quarters before they are slaughtered.

Though being on both of these diets excludes many things in terms of what you can eat, there are many products that replace the things they no longer choose to eat. Many brands like Beyond Meat, Follow Your Heart, and Gardein have substitutes for the things that vegans and vegetarians have removed from their diet.

These brands make things like dressings for salads, burgers, chicken nuggets, and many more things which are made to taste like the things they replace.

Famous vegans

There are many celebrities that have decided to go vegan and some of them take people by surprise. People like Miley Cyrus, Ellen Degeneres, Zac Effron, and many more have chosen to go vegan.

Many people decide to go vegan because they want to reduce the amount of animal consumption, but others do it because of the many health benefits being vegan provides. There are documentaries on Netflix that show how the farms look where most meat comes from, as well as showing that being on a vegan diet has many benefits when it comes to your health.

Those who have had to take pills for things throughout their lives have noticed that there is no longer a need for those pills because the body no longer needs them. Meat consumption has also been linked to cancer, but documentaries show that cancer websites endorse the consumption of meat as part of a healthy diet.