Summertime is quickly approaching, which means it's ice cream's time to shine. Chances are there are a few ice cream shops located in your area. Since they're seasonal, they're most likely going to be crowded, especially on those 85 degree days when you really need to cool down. You could always go to the store, but chances are you have exactly what you need to make a new kind of ice cream right at home. It's cheap, convenient, low-fat, and super tasty.

Banana ice cream, sometimes called "nice cream," is changing the dessert game. Frozen ripe bananas are the key ingredient here.

It's best to wait until the bananas are speckled with brown dots since this will produce the sweetest flavor. It'll surprise you how accurately this fruit can match the taste and consistency of traditional ice cream.


For this recipe you'll need frozen bananas and a blender. Seriously, that's it! If you want to make it easier to blend, you can add some water. Adding milk helps to keep it nice and creamy. If you want to keep this dessert vegan-friendly, simply use non-dairy milk, like soy, almond, or cashew milk. If you're looking for a different kind of flavor, you can mix in peanut butter, fresh berries, chocolate syrup, or pretty much anything you would want in a dessert. An easy tip is to add vanilla extract to help sweeten it up a bit while keeping the subtle banana taste.

You can recreate your favorite traditional ice cream flavors, just use the banana "nice" cream as your base. If you're a fan of mint chocolate chip, try blending frozen bananas with peppermint extract and some mini chocolate chips. It won't be the green you're used to seeing with this flavor, but it'll satisfy your craving.

Why bananas?

Frozen bananas create the perfect texture and consistency of ice cream. The plus side is you don't have to include all the fat and sugar to make it taste good. Your frozen treat most likely will have some banana flavor to it, but it won't be completely overpowering, especially if you mix the bananas with other ingredients to create new flavors.

Bananas are beneficial to your health, so being able to use this fruit as a substitute for a dessert is totally satisfying. According to NDTV Food, bananas are a great item to add to your daily diet. They're high in fiber, which means they're heart-healthy and will keep you feeling full and satisfied. Bananas are packed with nutrients like potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and niacin. Essentially, this fruit is perfect for giving your body what it needs.

You really can't go wrong with banana ice cream; it tastes good and it's good for you. This frozen treat is the hottest dessert trend for summer.