When you think of Vegan food, the items that probably first come to mind are lettuce, tofu, and overall blandness. However, vegan food doesn't mean bad food; it just means that there are no animal products. There are plenty of vegan options that are not only good for you but also delicious. In fact, you're probably eating some of them without even realizing they're plant-based.

What's the point of veganism?

In order for something to be classified as vegan, that means there can be no animal products used at all. This means there is no meat, dairy, eggs, or gelatin in the product whatsoever.

Unfortunately, what some may consider "fake cheese," like cheese in a can, is not actually vegan-friendly. There are still dairy products in these knockoffs. But rest assured, dairy-lovers, there are some vegan-friendly alternatives that taste pretty similar to the real thing and won't leave you feeling bloated from the lactose. You can pretty much make milk from anything nowadays, like soy, rice, and nuts.

A misconception is that if something is vegan, that means it has to be healthy. While vegan options tend to be healthier than non-vegan foods, there are not always health-conscious.

So, why should you go vegan or strive toward a more plant-based diet? According to nutriously.com, eating a plant-based diet can help lower your risk for heart disease, improve your fitness, help the environment, and have an overall boost in your mood.

If you're an animal right's activist, veganism is definitely something to consider since it is the least harmful diet toward animals. Transition is key, not time. You could start by cutting out red meat, then chicken and fish, then eggs, and so on.

What common foods and snacks are vegan?

According to PETA, there are a variety of foods that you probably already love that you didn't even realize were vegan.

Some of these include Hershey's chocolate syrup, Life cereal, Oreo's, Starbucks unsweetened iced coffee, spicy sweet chili Doritos, and Thomas blueberry bagels. There is plenty of bread and boxed pasta's that are vegan-friendly as well.

Once you get in the habit of checking the ingredients, you'll start to realize how many options you actually have.

Of course, there are some plant-based alternatives for your favorite foods, like chicken tenders and mac and cheese. Brands like Daiya and Gardein have a plethora of products to fulfill any cravings you might have, while still sticking to a vegan diet. You can still enjoy all your favorite foods while sticking to a vegan lifestyle!