The application of HEMP and cannabis has grown in recent years as more people are now willing to explore their benefits. Previously, smoking was the common way to consume these two. Today, there are more fun and exciting ways to enjoy the product, one of which is by using it as an ingredient in staple food items.

Victoria-based Alpine Breads is looking to release a new line of hemp Bread and hemp rolls at select Woolworths and Coles supermarkets. According to Alpine Bread owner, Andrew Bertalli, they are already finalizing the plans for the release of the products.

In an interview with SBS, Bertalli notes that hemp is too good not to be used in bread.

Hemp bread has many benefits

Bertalli says that people aren’t afraid to try out his unique bread line. In fact, people from 50 to 60 years old are often the biggest consumers of hemp bread. Some of them even drive hundreds of kilometers to buy the bread, which is infused with 6 percent hemp seed and oil.

In terms of the product’s effectiveness, Bertalli says in the interview that he has been receiving calls from his customers telling him how great the hemp bread is. Some said that their anxiety and arthritis have gotten better since eating the bread.

Alpine Breads is known for delivering healthy bread in Australia.

Its owner was one of those that supported the use of hemp as a consumable product. Hemp food products were legalized in Australia and New Zealand in November last year and since then, Bertalli has been busy mixing the plant and its extracts with his usual bread offerings.

As more regions are beginning to accept hemp and products derived from it, the pool of companies dedicated toward the research, development, and distribution of the plant has increased drastically.

People are growing more health-conscious, and as evident by the success of Alpine Bread’s new product offering, people are willing to try out unconventional ways to become healthy.

Hemp seeds and other cannabis products are known for an array of health benefits. They are known to reduce anxiety, relieve pain and inflammation, and also combat cancer, above anything else.

Because of its extensive health benefits, hemp seeds and other similar products are becoming a top choice for many.

If there’s no hemp bread or rolls nearby, then a good alternative could be HempAmericana, Inc.’s (OTCMKTS: HMPQ) high-quality hemp seed and oil.

HempAmericana taking quality hemp to a new level

Though HempAmericana is still in the early growth phase, it is already able to deliver top-of-the-line hemp seed and oil products. The company currently operates the largest scale of CBD oil extraction machines in the market, which provides it with a huge capacity to help meet the growing demand for hemp-derived products.

The company has partnered with VITALIS, the global leader in the production of the proper equipment needed for high-grade supercritical CBD oil processing.

Aside from this, HempAmericana has also put together a huge team of individuals with a deep experience in the processing of hemp and CBD.

These factors combined allow the company to consistently produce high-quality products such as Nutritional Hemp Hearts & Fiber Seeds, Rolling Thunders Hemp Papers, and Pure Hemp Oil.

Alpine Breads and HempAmericana are just a few of the industry leaders who are making hemp more accessible. With more support from their customers, these companies will be able to provide more for the increasing demand for hemp.