Sonic is an ideal American fast food restaurant that has been around for a long time. They have an assortment of items on their menu to choose from, like hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, ice cream cones, snow cones, slushies, and kids meals, just to name a few. Occasionally they have promotional or seasonal items added to their menu. In June, that will be the Pickle juice slushy. The drive-thru restaurant is well-known for its unique and expansive selection of drinks and the pickle juice slushy will be no exception.

The new item

The debut slushy has been labeled as "surprisingly delicious" according to an article on Fox News written by Michael Harthorne.

This concoction is going to be made available, alongside snow cones, that will arrive in June. The snow cone "flavors include Bahama Mama and the inscrutable Tiger's Blood." The fast food chain is adding a lot of variety to their beverages.

So, pickle juice slushies are going to be a thing and early reviews are pretty positive. Another reviewer mentioned that Food And Wine tried the pickle juice slushy and called it "surprisingly delicious," and adding that "the bright brine compensates for the over-savoriness you might have been worried about." The drink has been labeled as having the right combination of both sweet and bitter.

And even more, Food and Wine said that the drink is addicting. FoodBeast says that "the pickle juice syrup provides a punch of briny acidity, but has enough sweetness to take the sharpness out of the flavor." This will be good news for anyone who likes sweet tasting drinks with a tangy and salty flavor.

The restaurant will also allow customers to add the "sweet and briny syrup to burgers, sundaes, or any other menu item."

Is it worth trying?

I will not be trying the slushy, more so because of the fact that I do not have a Sonic near my place of residence, and also because I am not familiar with the restaurant in general, but many could be looking to try the drink.

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It certainly is something different when compared to other beverages on the market.

The rave reviews are helping the brand as well, with reports saying it is a great beverage that tastes great. Sonic could have a hit drink on their hands with a lot of other beverages that are arriving with their snow cone lineup. People will certainly purchase the items in the summer with the heat, as a snow cone sounds pretty good. I am unsure about the pickle juice slushy, but customers could try it out of curiosity.