Finally, it's Spring! Maybe the weather didn't get the memo yet, but we all know it's time to crack down on that age-old New Years Resolution, and by that, I mean looking amazing in your beach-wear. This year you are going to emerge your cocoa-and-cookie-filled winter hibernation with a plan. What's great about Early Spring is that the Produce is abundant and cheap. Incorporating fresh produce into your diet is the #1 way to reach that resolution, whether you're trying to lose weight or just start a healthier lifestyle.

What to plant in March

Are you a novice with two feet of crumbly dirt in the backyard, hoping to try your hand with a vegetable or two, or an expert with a notorious green thumb?

Either way, March is the time to start planting.

  • Cabbage: A staple for any vegetable garden.
  • Corn: Fast growing, needs lots of space.
  • Tomatoes: Delicious, most popular vegetable, and they come in so many varieties!
  • Spinach: All time favorite. Spinach is the perfect ingredient for many breakfast/lunch/dinner recipes.
  • Beets: Unassuming, ever colorful, and packed with antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Broccoli: Does a little better in warmer climates. Either way, you can never go wrong with plain old buttery steamed broccoli.

What to buy in early spring

Early spring is a produce-growing frenzy, and so many of our favorite veggies and fruits come into the season. Check your grocery store for the product with the best color.

Not only does color guarantee ripeness and quality, but vibrant colors carry the promise of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Look for sale signs at your local store. Seasonal produce is generally sold at a discounted price because of the influx of supply. Not only is seasonal produce cheaper, but it's tastier.

Check your local farmers market, farm, or produce stand.

These professional growers only sell what's seasonal, because, well, that's what grows right now! Watch out for inflated prices, but try to Buy locally and remember this is how your local farmers make a living.

The return of more sun and less cold turn all of us into gardeners. Educate yourself about starting a garden for the first time and plan, plan, plan!

Pick a spot that is partially shady for those crops that prefer cooler temperatures, but makes sure other spots get plenty of sunlight. Gardening, not your thing? Remember, seasonal produce is a great way to stay healthy and save money at the same time. Who couldn't say no to that?