For decades, many parents have had trouble getting their children to eat their vegetables. This is also often true of some wives whose husbands need to improve their diet because of health issues. Many times people may say that they don't like the flavor of certain foods, but there is a way around it. If you or a loved one desires to consume more veggies in a diet, there is a sneaky way to to do it and you will not even Taste them. Smoothies are the best method to obtain multiple servings of vegetables and all their nutritional properties in one delicious drink.

By adding the right ingredients you will have a delicious and nutritious product that is sure to please.

Add more fruit than veggies to your next smoothie

Try adding an additional serving of fruit to your next smoothie. Blueberries, peaches, raspberries, or strawberries are really great for masking the taste of veggies. You may also want to consider adding a little stevia or honey for extra sweetness. You and your loved one will enjoy a nutritious, low-calorie drink that is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber and all you will taste will be the fruit.

You can adjust the ingredients based on personal taste until you obtain the desired flavor for your palate.

In just one drink, you will have four or five servings of vegetables and fruits, which will aid in your daily allowance. In time, you may consider adding more veggies as you get used to the taste. Be sure to utilize crucifers such as broccoli and cauliflower, brussels sprouts and cabbage, as they have been shown in studies to have more cancer-fighting properties.

An ice cream smoothie can save the day

If your family members still say they taste the vegetables there is another sneaky way to get them to drink the smoothie. Consider adding a fourth of a cup of yogurt or sugar-free Ice Cream to the ingredients.

This will really bring out the sweetness and mask the taste of the veggies. You can experiment with different flavors of ice cream and yogurt in order to change the taste.

You can also try mixing both ice cream and yogurt together in your smoothie to make it interesting or come up with your own ideas to make the drink taste delicious. This is a fun way to obtain more vegetables in your diet without loading them up in multiple servings on your plate. You and or your family will benefit from the nutritional properties of the food as well as enjoying it in the form of a nice cold beverage.