Nutella lovers will be glad to know that Costco is introducing its house version of the hazelnut spread that I think is just as good as the brand names the store also sells. The good news is that Costco's store brand is so much cheaper than Nutella, which is sold at grocery stores and retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and other stores. A report by MSN was used for most of the information presented in this article.

It is hard to believe something as delicious as Nutella could be duplicated, but Costco has done it, according to a Reddit user who posted the information online about the wonderful thing that was discovered at Costco.

Other companies have tried making their own brand, but it appears that Costco is the one that has succeeded with the recipe.

Costco's brand

The new hazelnut spread is being sold under the Costco store brand called Kirkland. It is sold at $7.99 for a package of two 35.2-ounce jars that could be equivalent to about 54 two-tablespoon servings. That means it costs just $0.11 per ounce which is an excellent price for the popular spread. If you purchase a two-pack of Kirkland Hazelnut Spread online, it will cost you a little more with the addition of the price of shipping and handling.

There was a riot in France recently when Nutella went on sale for 70 percent off. There are many people around the world who love Nutella just as much as the people in France.

That's why stores like Costco are making sure the spread is available and affordable for their customers.

Costco's customers enjoy the high quality of many of the Kirkland-brand products. So, they are counting on the Kirkland Hazelnut Spread to have the same good quality as some other products that are sold at Costco, including eggs, bacon, olive oil, organic peanut butter, and vodka.

Why Nutella is so loved

Nutella dates back to the 1800s. Enough people love it so much that the spread has its own day. In fact, it was just celebrated by people all over the world earlier this month on February 5. There were many photos and posts on social media of the different ways people celebrated the hazelnut spread. There were pictures of stacks of pancakes dripping with Nutella and videos of people tasting the food for the very first time.

Costco has jumped on the bandwagon to come up with a product that was projected to get raving reviews. So far, the company has been right. Now that the word is out, Costco is sure to succeed with its Kirkland Hazelnut Spread. Do you shop at Costco? If so, will you be buying Costco's brand of hazelnut spread?