When you have those cravings for Snacks and don’t want to blow your New Year’s resolution to watch your weight, there are healthy options available. Potato chips are the downfall of many a diet. There is not anything quite like the crunchy, salty, Tasty goodness of a good chip. But, never fear, there are healthy alternatives available.

Garlic potato chips

In just 25 minutes you can create a mound of garlic potato chips that are baked (not fried) and have none of the fat you would get in a regular potato chip. With only 3g of fat and 100 calories per serving, these are an ideal snack.

Dark chocolate nut clusters

If you’re craving a chocolate bar, why not try Dark chocolate nut clusters instead? These quick and easy bundles of deliciousness are only 195 calories and are a much healthier alternative. Mix together unsalted, roasted nuts with melted dark chocolate (70 to 80% cocoa). Use 4 ounces of chocolate for every ounce of nuts. Drop onto wax paper; refrigerate until set.

Cinnamon sweet potato fries

French fries are a perennial favorite for a quick snack, but they tend to be very high in fat. Why not try cinnamon sweet potato fries instead? They are loaded with antioxidants and contain lots of nutrients.

It only takes 20 minutes to create the easy 4 ingredient recipe.

Low-carb granola bars

Snack bars are tasty, but a lot of them are highly processed and not very healthy.

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It’s not too hard to find a more healthy alternative like these low-carb granola bars. With just 10 minutes of prep time, and 15 to 20 minutes cooking time you’ll have your tasty snacks in no time.

27 healthy popcorn recipes

Microwave popcorn is a tasty, quick, and easy snack.

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the best option as far as your health is concerned. Not even counting the studies which suggest that it might actually cause cancer, microwave popcorn is full of calories. With over 160 calories per ounce, a bag of popcorn can be over 400 calories. Compare that to an air-popped popcorn with only 270 calories and you can see which is the healthier alternative. That being said, there are tasty alternatives that are healthier for you.

Enjoy delicious flavors including pumpkin, chocolate & coconut, and caramel apple. There is an excellent variety to choose from, sure to cure any snacking emergency.

With a little imagination you can eat healthy food without sacrificing the flavors you love.

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