Being desk-bound for 9-5 (or more like 9-7) can set up a series of problems. “I just wanna take a sit break.” No desk-bound employee said that, ever. The majority of corporate America is already in their seats for about 8-10 hours daily. We “stretch our legs,” ”step out for a breeze,” or even “take a walk around.” Basically, we would do anything to get the blood in our body moving as otherwise, the day would leave us feeling lethargic and plain cr*ppy. This makes a lot of sense considering that being stuck in a chair is slowly killing us. Not to forget that it is making us fat and sick in the meantime.

You know, science backs this up too. Sitting for longer durations can lead to increased hunger and inflammation, both of which lead to obesity and a fat belly. Prolonged sitting also causes hypertension and high blood sugar. Not only this, “sitting is the new smoking,” is becoming a widely known phrase nowadays and now you know where it stems from. But the bad news is, the damage does not stop there. In addition to these scary diseases, prolonged sitting can cause immense problems like tight hip flexors, weak gluteus muscles, sore shoulders and chronic back pain - all of which decrease your efficiency and effectiveness of your workout. All this from an innocent looking chair is pretty terrifying, isn’t it?

Relax, this article is not about bad news, though. Tweaking your diet can be an easy way to diminish the health risks which are associated with that innocent chair. Anti-inflammatory foods like avocados and fish will not only improve your health, but they’ll also counteract the inflammation due to excessive sitting. Many nutrients are known to fight inflammation by “shutting down” the inflammatory genes.

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Various slimming foods

Add the following foods to your diet and transform yourself into a slimmer and healthier person and undo the damage of your 9-5 routine.


Nuts can be the perfect grab-and-go snack for a hectic day. Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, these nuts normally tend to fight inflammation.

Nuts are a good source of monosaturated fats. This means that you don’t even need to worry about gaining weight, especially when you have to sit around a desk all day. In fact, nuts can come in handy to diminish belly fat and keep off weight. Can this be more perfect?


Berries are considered superfoods for all the right reasons. These little balls of magic contain anthocyanins, which turn off the inflammatory genes and provide you with sufficient energy to work 9 to 5 with full focus and energy. Using berries will also supplement your body with minerals and vitamins to help you remain healthy.

Olive oil

Sitting at a desk all day with little activity is obviously going to harm you in one way or another.

What you should worry the most is how this sedentary work life from 9 to 5 can damage your heart. Obviously, you cannot quit your job or get your timing adjusted just because you are worried about your health. But what you can do is add some olive oil to your daily meals. Just like nuts, olive oil is a rich source of monounsaturated fats. These fats work differently than the typical ones, and instead of making you fat, they actually protect your heart and improve your concentration.


Garlic is a miracle Slimming food in all true senses. Allicin, the main component of garlic, is an antioxidant which makes sure that you steer clear of problems such as hypercholesterolemia, heart disease, and inflammation.

As a bonus, it also improves the health of your skeletal system.


Avocadoes are a delicious treat to your taste buds, but did you know that they are highly packed with nutritive agents?

Yes, avocados are the perfect slimming food for you to work through your 9 to 5 job every day while keeping health problems at bay. Avocados have a surplus amount of oleic and monounsaturated fatty acids which can help you lose weight and improve the way you spend your life.


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of day-long energy? Coffee!

Coffee is a perfect way to kick-start your day. It is an obvious pick-me-up in the morning when you are low on energy and have long working hours ahead of you.

We obviously don’t recommend taking it in the late afternoon as it can interfere with your normal bedtime.

Dark chocolate

Calling all the chocolate lovers out there! We have some good news for you. Dark chocolate (we are talking about really dark here) has a considerable amount of caffeine to boost your energy and improve mental capacity. You can choose any dark chocolate as per your personal choice, but be sure to get one with the highest cocoa concentration as it can fight stress and improve focus more effectively.


One of our favorite slimming food for boosting energy is salmon. Salmon is chock-full of nutrients which provide a lot of health benefits. All thanks to high levels of vitamin B, salmon is capable of energizing your body and fighting off work-related fatigue.

Salmon is also naturally rich in vitamin D which may make it easier for you to feel energized and work to the end with full mental capacity.


Starting your day with eggs in any form is probably the easiest way to get long-lasting energy. The protein content tagged with all the healthy fats present in eggs will keep your blood sugar under control and help you prevent sugar cravings. This will also cut down your need for an afternoon slump and will let you work with full concentration.

Greek yogurt

Did you know that a 6 oz serving of Greek yogurt has 18 grams of protein?

Surprised? Greek yogurt can not only be your perfect on-the-go breakfast but can also be eaten as an afternoon snack after mixing some chopped almonds and fresh fruit in it.

This particular type of yogurt keeps your bones healthy and helps your body survive the tough job schedule with ease.


American Council of Exercise has announced that every active woman should drink at least 2.7 liters or 91 ounces of water every day. Without any absentee during weekends too, drinking water throughout the day can fight off fatigue, prevent dehydration headaches and can prevent you from snaking (hopefully). A secret side effect of drinking can be extra steps to that water fountain and the restroom, which can help you log in more steps.

High-Protein Foods

If you feel that a snack attack is coming on, try to combine your go-to fruit with proteins as proteins take much longer time to digest than carbs and sugar.

This will also ensure that you don’t get a blood sugar spike and the crash which comes with it. You can select between nuts, seeds, beef jerky, or even hard-boiled eggs which can do the trick. Proteins will not only keep your belly occupied for a long time, but they will also ensure that you maintain healthy muscles.

Food schedule for a hectic day

8 AM

You should normally grab some breakfast within an hour of waking up. For breakfast, it is important to find something with a combination of fiber and protein. A typical American breakfast is full of carbs, such as bagels and pancakes. But filling your tummies with carbs that do not have fiber or protein is going to get you hungry really soon.

So, what should you be eating?

We have some ideas!

Hardboiled or scrambled eggs on whole wheat toast is a perfect breakfast. For bonus points, do not forget to add the yolk. Oatmeal with milk, nuts, and fruits is a perfect breakfast to get all the energy while relishing the taste of it. Greek yogurt with nuts and fruits can be your grab-and-go breakfast in case you are running out of time.

10:30 AM

You definitely want to get a mid-morning snack, especially when there is no time for lunch. The choice of food for a mid-morning snack is optional, but remember to eat something under 200 calories. The best thing to consume as a mid-morning snack is nuts, a 100-calorie pack of pistachios for example. If you are more into fruits, try avocados with whole wheat toast and hot sauce, or throw in some berries and string cheese to treat your tummy.

1 PM

For lunch, it’s time for the vegetables to shine. Vegetables are a high source of fiber and can help you stay full and focused throughout the rest of the day. For all the salad enthusiasts, this is the best time to eat a salad full of colorful vegetables. Toss in some goat cheese, tuna, avocados, and chicken to make it more scrumptious.

4 PM

Most of you do not bother about an afternoon snack. Remember that this is an important time of the day when your body requires refueling. Besides, you absolutely don’t need to eat something fancy for an afternoon snack. An apple, banana, plain popcorns, or Medjool dates with blue cheese is going to work just fine for you

7 PM

By this time, you will be home and can surely have a relaxing lunch with family or friends!

Make little movements

Getting off your tush and talking a walk is another vital piece of the puzzle. It doesn’t matter you’re at the office or on the couch, taking is a “walking break” every hour is a must. Head over to the kitchen (for green tea, obviously), go to the bathroom, or go anywhere you like (except for maybe nearby McDonalds). If for any reason you can’t get up, make sure you fidget and stretch your arms and legs in your seat. This will improve the quality of tight muscles and will aid them to return to their natural state. Also, these small movements require energy, and the calories add up, which means you can eat a little more.


No matter how frightening or dreadful a 9 to 5 job might sound, you can make it work by selecting the right kind of food. So, get out there, nail your jobs, and don’t forget to keep yourself refueling from time to time!