#National Cookie Day is celebrated on Monday, #December 4. Most people don't know the word "cookie" is a Dutch word that means "little cake." Therefore, every time you eat a handful of #cookies you are actually eating little cakes.

Cookies were first discovered when Dutch bakers tested oven temperatures by using small amounts of batter. This would help them determine if the oven was hot enough to cook a cake. That procedure kept them from wasting all the batter if the temperature wasn't right. They didn't throw away the little cakes because the test products were really delicious.

Today, cookies come in hundreds of different shapes, sizes, and flavors.

They are usually flat and sweet. They are called biscuits in most English-speaking countries. Cookies are quick and easy to make at home, and only a few ingredients are needed, including flour, sugar, and oil or fat. Chocolate chips, coconuts, raisins, nuts, or peanut butter can be used according to the cook's personal preferences. Store-bought cookies are also readily available.

Types of cookies

It might be necessary to bake or buy a variety of cookies because each person in the family might have a favorite. The average adult eats 19,000 cookies in a lifetime starting from age 18. This number does not include the cookies eaten as a child. Chocolate chips have been voted American's favorite. Peanut butter cookies are also at the top of the list.

In a survey, it was revealed that 21 percent of adults say they eat at least ten cookies per week.

Four percent admitted to eating between 20 and 30 each week. The survey also shows that less than one percent of Americans say they don't like cookies at all. Have you ever thought about how many cookies you eat each week?

Reasons people eat cookies

In the same survey, people indicated they eat cookies to improve their mood. They say the sweet treat makes them feel happy or content and gives them a sense of comfort and makes them feel calm and relaxed. Combined with milk, cookies are some people's favorite bedtime snack.

Some people love the chewy ones, and others love the hard and crunchy ones. According to the Daily Mail, the ten all-time cookie favorites are Chocolate Chips, Brownies, Peanut Butter, Oreos, Oatmeal Raisin, White Chocolate Macadamia, Sugar Cookies, Soft Bread, Butter Cookies, and M&Ms.

How to celebrate

Bake a batch of cookies for your family or bake a few batches to share with the neighborhood kids when they get off the school bus. Make a variety of the little cakes and let everyone help themselves to their favorites.

Even though December 4 is designated as National Cookie Day, people can enjoy cookies any day of the year. After making your batch today, save some to have with your coffee tomorrow or days later.