The recipe is dead. At least according to Tyler Florence, chef and host of TV cooking shows like “The Great Food Truck Race“ and “Food 911."

Florence is one of the advisers for the new app by innit which is set to revolutionize the way home cooks make their meals. Founded by Eugenio Minvielle, former CEO of Unilever North America and Nestlé France, the new platform is designed to make every day cooking easier and less time-consuming for cooks of all skills. A report by PR Newswire provided a lot of the details within this piece.

Fully personalizable, the app is designed to allow you to create meals based on dietary requirements, allergies, and dislikes.

Key features include the ability to customize your menu, experiment with new flavors, ingredients, and to create a smart shopping list. Instead of a traditional recipe, the app offers what Innit calls a "Culinary GPS."

Culinary GPS replaces the recipe

The Culinary GPS will guide you, using how-to videos for each step of the process. It can even help when several steps are required to create multiple dishes at the same time ensuring that all of your meal's individual components come together.

If you have one of the new GE or Bosch smart ovens then you will be able to use the app to control them via the integrated Home Connect technology. This will allow you to send cooking instructions about the meal you’re creating directly to your appliance.

The app will even alert you when your meal is done.

Next year, Phillips Kitchen Appliances, Perfect Company, and Chef‘D will also be launching onto the platform connecting their own suite of smart appliances.

The app, which is currently only available on Apple iOS, is slick and easy to navigate. The Culinary GPS is, however, remarkably similar to a traditional cooking recipe.

The app is very interactive. You can see a video instruction for any step in the cooking process and can switch back-and-forth between the written instructions and the video at will.

Although an elegant app, it is unlikely to kill any cookbooks anytime soon.

Home cooks like print

Sales of digital cookbooks have never been strong, cooking apps even less popular. Most people like having a printed page in front of them when they’re cooking. With Cookbook sales rising in the past few years, this app doesn't pose any immediate threat.

Undoubtedly the Innit app will be very helpful for new cooks. People who need an interactive video to show them how to cook will find it especially helpful. It will, however, likely be a long time before the cookbook will start feeling the effects.

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