Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Ingram admits he put a lot of the unnecessary pressure on his back during the preseason. Ingram, 20, was hoping to enter the NBA Regular Season with a strong preseason behind him. Yet, it didn't go entirely as planned for the Duke product.

Ingram struggled in the Lakers' couple of opening games. Ingram didn't shot particularly well and seemed to be uncomfortable on the court. Luckily, Ingram improved in the last two preseason games to gain some momentum. Ingram scored 13 points against the Utah Jazz before he collected 15 points against the Los Angeles Clippers in the preseason finale.

"I just made it too hard on myself. Pressured myself a little bit. Just going out there and having fun and playing basketball -- I think tonight it was good to see the basketball go in a little bit -- I was more comfortable out there," Ingram told Serena Winters of Lakers Nation after the game against the Clippers.

Ingram to stay aggressive

Rising Lakers star Ingram is now eager to not back down to the upcoming challenges. Ingram had a tough beginning to his rookie year last season but improved as the season progressed. The 20-year-old had more confidence in himself and was much more aggressive after the All-Star break.

Ingram's goal after the season ended was to work on his game and continue being aggressive.

Ingram spent the entire offseason working hard in order to improve his game. The forward's eagerness to showcase his improvement put the pressure on his back in the early preseason games. The Lakers forward t didn't have a great start to the 2017 preseason but now feels much better.

"This is the way I just plan to play. I am just trying to be aggressive in any way -- on the offensive end and defensive end -- and even more aggressive in each game.

So I think this was kind of a good start and a good feel for the regular season," Lakers rising star Ingram confessed to Winters.

Magic: 'Brandon, have fun'

Lakers President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson doesn't want to see Ingram uncomfortable on the court. Lakers' legend Johnson, who is a believer in Ingram, wants to see the promising forward be happy and enjoy his time on the floor.

Johnson has spoken highly of Ingram since he arrived in the team's front office earlier this year. Johnson called Ingram "untouchable" in trade talks after the team's season ended. Johnson has been extremely happy and satisfied with Ingram's willingness and dedication to working out.

"Magic just wants me to go out there and have fun. He sees what I can do on a basketball floor. He believes in me. He just wants (to see) me go out there and show my skill," Lakers forward Ingram claimed to Winters.