Rising Los Angeles Lakers star Brandon Ingram is ready to make a breakthrough this coming season. Lakers President of Basketball Operations magic johnson revealed he was approached by a confident Ingram this offseason. The 20-year-old has made it clear to the president that he wants to be viewed as the team's "top option."

Ingram is set to enter his sophomore year in the NBA. Ingram had a challenging rookie season. The Duke product struggled in the first half of the campaign but improved after the All-Star break.

Ingram won't be backing down to anybody on the Lakers roster anymore.

One of the Lakers' main offensive options a year ago were guards Lou Williams and Nick Young. Williams and Young, players, known for its scoring abilities, had a productive year this past season. Williams led the Lakers in scoring until he was traded to the Houston Rockets at the trade deadline. On the other side, the-now Golden State Warrior Young stayed with the Lakers until the season ended.

"Brandon finally said 'I'm not deferring no more. I've had Lou Williams, I've had Nick Young, I had to pass it to. It's my team now. I'm going to be the first option on this team," Johnson told on Spectrum SportsNet, per Daniel Starkand of Lakers Nation.

Johnson lacks no expectations

Lakers' legend Johnson himself expects big things from Ingram this season.

The former five-time NBA champion wants to see Ingram put up at least 20 points per game on average. The 20-year-old averaged just under 10 points per game in his rookie season.

Ingram has been giving it all in the gym since the season ended. A silky-framed Ingram worked hard on his game, gaining weight and getting stronger for this season.

The former Duke Blue Devil also acknowledged multiple times that his mentality has changed. It remains to be seen can now a much more confident and stronger Ingram improve upon his rookie year. Putting up 10 more points per game this year would be a major improvement for the sophomore player.

Johnson claimed Ingram is "looking forward" to embracing the challenge.

"He's been practicing so hard all summer long, and I told him 'if you don't average 20 points a game I'm going to be disappointed," Johnson added.

Ingram does his homework

Ingram is doing just what the organization wants him to do. The Lakers had high hopes when they selected Ingram at No. 2 in the 2016 NBA draft. Though it didn't all go perfectly in Year 1, Ingram remains one of the most promising players in the league.

The Purple and Gold hope they have a future superstar in the making in Ingram. Johnson and head coach Luke Walton made it clear they want to see Ingram grow leadership skills. Rising star Ingram has embraced the challenge. Apart from working out like a crazy man, Ingram hasn't been shy about making his teammates know what he feels about certain situations in practices. A much more vocal, confident, determined Ingram is just what the Lakers wanted to see.