Have you ever wondered why in most mystery movies, females tend to #Kill their partners by poisoning them? First, because it's just too darn easy. Secondly, you can buy the poison anywhere. But what if you could kill a person just by giving simple, edible #food. Now that would keep the police looking for clues for years. Here are some harmless food items that can harm your body or may even kill you.


Not a week goes by without the presence of this starchy food item in the menu of a household. Imagine your life without potatoes. Yes! That is how bleak your future sounds without it. But did you know that even cooked potatoes, if not selected carefully can kill you within a few minutes? Most of the time, we have no problems after eating the starchy crop, but potato plant poisoning has been known to occur.

Solanine, a very toxic substance, is found in “green potatoes,” or potatoes that have grown little green sprouts. Once potatoes turn green, it means that they are spoiled and cannot be consumed. Its side effects include diarrhea, fever, paralysis, and loss of sensation.


When I was a kid, one of the elders in the family instilled a phobia of seeds in me, by saying that if I had one, the seed would sprout in my belly and turn into a plant. The idea grossed me out and I would even spit out pomegranate seeds. Now that I am all grown-up, I know this to be false but little did I know that these seeds, in huge doses could actually kill!

Cherries, plums, apples, pears, peaches, and apricots are good for tasty fruit salads, but you should stay away from the seeds. They contain amygdalin, a compound that produces cyanide.

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Large doses can harm your body, causing dizziness and vomiting, increased blood pressure, kidney failure, coma, and even death.

Almonds. Funnily enough, almonds are seeds and not nuts. Bitter almonds, while in their raw form, are full of cyanide. They undergo a specialized heat treatment in order to remove the toxins.


Food allergy is #Common in children and it is sure that in a family of five, at least one member will suffer from the nut allergy. For people with no allergies, this might seem not important. I mean, who has ever died of a nut allergy.You would be surprised to know that approximately 150 to 200 people die in the United States each year because of food allergies. It's estimated that around 50-62 percent of those fatal cases of anaphylaxis were caused by peanut allergies.

One of the most common allergies is to peanuts. Anaphylaxis is the major symptom which can lead to severe constriction of the airways, shock, and even loss of consciousness. It is dangerous enough to cause death if left untreated, so know your allergies before consuming a cake or a cookie full of nuts or their addictive friend, peanut butter. Peanut is a legume not to be confused with a tree nut such as walnut, almond, hazelnut, cashew, pistachio, and Brazil nuts but if you have allergy from either of them, its best to avoid the other.