A lot of restaurants aren’t usually vegan or vegetarian-friendly and as such, dining out can be a problem and even a chore. In addition to this, so-called vegetarian or vegan dishes that may be present in restaurants might be prepared with items such as meat stock, butter or gelatin which are things that those of the vegan and vegetarian persuasion will also avoid. How then do we deal with this predicament? Here are some ways in which you can ensure that your needs as a vegan or vegetarian are met when dining out.

Observation and asking questions

As of late, more and more people are becoming sensitized to veganism and/or vegetarianism. As such, you will see on some menus a v’ or a leaf which are indicative of vegetarian or vegan menu items. If you aren’t sure, ask your waiters or waitresses as they will certainly be trained to answer your related questions. Some restaurants do accommodate those with vegetarian or vegan needs whereby chefs may prepare a suitable meal upon request or modify existing meals to suit the restrictions and sanctity of a vegetarian and vegan diet. Observations and asking questions will make it an easier process when dining out; do not be afraid or feel intimidated. Your needs must also be respected and accommodated to as this will reflect positively on the customer service of the food establishment.

Worthy substitutes

Fast Food restaurants will mostly supply you with a healthy heaping of meats and animal products on the whole. However, more and more fast food chains are adding salads and vegetarian options to their menus in light of the sensitization to veganism and vegetarianism. The food items may not be entirely vegan and may accommodate specific types of Vegetarians such as Lacto-ovo vegetarians or pesco-vegetarians, but it is still a worthy choice and substitute.

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Non-vegetarian/ non-vegan friends

You will certainly have friends who are non-vegetarian or non-vegan, and they will most definitely invite you over to their homes for holidays which would involve meals that do not suit your dietary persuasions. How then do you cope? It’s very simple really; let your gracious host know in advance.

Chances are, it will take nothing out of their schedule to prepare a few menu items for a singular or a couple of vegetarian or vegan friends. There is no shame in asking or enlightening your friends and family about your dietary persuasions.

Can I have airline food?

Yes, you can. Just like restaurants and fast food establishments, airlines have also adapted to including vegan and vegetarian-friendly items on their menu. You need only notify them of your preference. However, if in doubt, you can pack some suitable snacks to get you through your air escapades.

It is not as difficult as you think to dine out of the comfort of your kitchen if you are a vegan or vegetarian. The awareness of these menu preferences is increasing and as such, vegans and vegetarians now have much more of a choice and variety in their menu selections.