If you find that getting older your has your skin is doing things you never imagined, then consider giving Honey a try. In addition to being a food that benefits the inside of our bodies, a topical application of honey is recommended as a Home Remedy for a number of issues.This wonder of nature has been said to reduce Signs Of Aging, decrease puffiness, brings about a healthy glow, and can firm up sagging areas. Remember that not every natural cure works for everyone and always be mindful of food allergies. If honey can help you, it will be less expensive and safer than applying chemicals to your face and skin.

The benefits of honey

Raw honey is recommended, but I have personally gotten great results from a $3.00 bottle on the shelf of Walmart and Kroger. Heredity gave me an oblong face which being an avid ready only amplified. People often think I am mad or sad because aging has caused my eyes to doop and my skin to sag. I find that when I apply honey at least 2 days in a row, there are visible effects on day 3. I apply a liberal amount on my face, neck and throat area, and leave it for 20-30 minutes.

I find with regular use that my skin will be glowing and fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. The best benefit of this natural wonder is that puffiness under my eyes and around my jaw area decreases.

And my eyelids are less droopy. My face will look as if I have lost weight. There are other reported benefits on the skin from using honey. According to Livestrong.com, honey is antimicrobial and a wonderful wound healer. The antioxidants in this miracle food protect cells from damage when it is eaten and protects the outer lays of skin when applied topically.

Additional wonders from the miracle food which is honey

Livestrong.com also reports that using honey can moisturize dry skin, prevent infections, and speed up the time it takes wounds to heal. This is good news for aging adults because as we get older, wound healing slows down, skin becomes drier, and infections take longer to cure.

Honey has the ability to increase the skin's elasticity, and this is why it can reduce the appearance of sagging skin.

Honey is also a humectant that holds moisture in, which is one more way it can decrease visible signs of aging. Remember that other lifestyle choices can affect the ability of honey to prove itself a miracle food. Smoking, drinking, bad eating habits, and not getting enough sleep may decrease the healthy benefits of this natural wonder. Give honey a try because you might just find it is a miracle cure for what is ailing you.

Always wash skin thoroughly after use and be on the lookout for signs of irritation or allergy. This article is for information purposes only and does not guarantee honey as a cure-all.

Again, always check first with your healthcare provider and proceed with caution. While it may be a miracle for one person, it could become a nightmare for another. Each situation is different. Home remedies do not work the same for everyone.