A lot of people love lobster, but they do not eat it that often because they say they cannot afford it. lobster is rather expensive. It costs much more than any of the other kinds of seafood. Did you know that lobster used to be food for peasants?

Lobster was plentiful

Back in the 1800s, the seafood was so plentiful that even poor people could afford it. In fact, people in New England could go to the beach and fetch their own from the water during times of the low tide. During that time, many servants ate so much lobster that Massachusetts passed a law that limited how often lobster could be eaten.

It was limited to only three times a week.

Even though lobsters are expensive today, people are encouraged to splurge and eat it on Monday, September 25th because it's National Lobster Day. The day is celebrated every year when people all over the world get in sync and eat the seafood for lunch or dinner. Either they go out to their favorite seafood restaurant, or they prepare the meal at home to serve to their family.

Lobster today

Today, lobster is considered to be a luxurious food available all over the world. Fishing in Maine is a $1 billion industry. There are other options if people cannot afford a whole lobster for dinner. It is true that the most popular way to is to have it boiled, baked, steamed, or grilled.

However, you can have a lobster roll or even imitation lobster meat. Recipes could include lobster Newberg, soup, bisque, or in a salad. Some people prefer to buy the tails instead of the whole thing. Perhaps they will be on sale to help you mark the occasion.

A lobster dinner is one of the most expensive items on the menu in most restaurants.

Customers pay for it by the pound. The average dinner would be one that costs between $30 and $45 for a one-pounder in some restaurants; however, it could cost more in other restaurants. It is not something that a person would eat every day. Instead, it is something that people look forward to having on special occasions.

No matter how you eat your seafood on Tuesday, remember that you will be celebrating what used to be for peasants but is now for those who can afford the delicacy.

While you are dining with the luxury item, you can share the story with those who are joining you. They will be delighted to hear about how they were once plentiful and cost nothing compared to how expensive are today. Even though the price has changed over the years, the delicious taste remains the same.