Meringue is a cake that's made primarily of eggs and sugar. It is therefore a very sweet and special treat. It's a cake that's enjoyed in the summer months because it is somewhat light and fluffy, but the sweetness may be too much for some people. The sugar and the eggs alone make a crispy meringue crust that is often too sweet for some people because it is loaded with sugar.

However, this meringue is ideal for people with a sweet tooth because it is truly a sugar rush. If you're planning on making a meringue for people who both enjoy sweets, but also want something refreshing, consider adding strawberries to the cake. Of course, you can’t add any fruit to the meringue itself, as it will collapse.

Go nutty!

In terms of the meringue itself, consider adding almonds to the meringue to give it more of an earthy flavor. You could use either chopped almonds or sliced that you chop down even further. It almost creates a marzipan-like flavor that cuts into the sweetness. Of course, many people tend to go for sugary toppings when it comes to cake. However, since the meringue is already so sweet it would be silly to add even more sugar in the filling. Instead, you want something tart to accent the sweetness.

That's where strawberry flavor is absolutely delicious. To create a fluffy fruit filling for the meringue, grab a package of strawberries and about half a liter of Whipped Cream at the store.

Use whipped cream for the base of your topping

If you're not interested in buttercream or even icing, a whipped cream base can actually provide a great tasting solution.

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It is something that not a lot of people think of because whipped cream is something that people often use as the finishing touch on the cake.

But whipped cream provides a soft and velvety base and it can be mixed together with various fruits for dessert. To get started, whip the cream so it has a firm consistency. Some people would call this overdoing it, but it has to support strawberries that have been mashed. This mashing will give you more water from the fresh berries which will then soften the whipped cream.

Adding the strawberries

Cut the fresh strawberries into tiny cubes and then mash them using a fork. Some people like to boil them in sugar to get the right consistency but we don't want to add any more sugar to this dessert as the meringue already has plenty of sugar in it. Once you have mashed them very smoothly with a fork, fold them into the whipped cream to create a perfect pink whipped filling for the cake. Then, layer the meringue with the berry topping until you have the desired amount of layers. Now you're ready for a great summer treat, as long as you serve it cold.

What do you think about this meringue with strawberry filling? Is this something you want to try?