During the summer, many people tend to consume more liquids because it is simply too hot outside. Sadly, the majority of people choose to go for iced coffee, iced tea, and even soda to cool down. While it is nice to have a cold soda and get that boost of sugar as well, it is not healthy to do so in the long run, as it is not healthy to keep going through the mass amounts of sugar to get what you need -- a temporary fix. Luckily, there are many healthier ways to get the water you need to drink. To stay on top on your water intake, you may need something interesting and fun.

Even though healthy people may be trying to persuade others to drop the soda in regard to sugar and calories, it is sometimes the fizz that keeps people coming back for more soda -- not the sugar.

It's the carbon, not the flavor, that has some people itching to pop the can open. It's the way the carbon makes them feel. While water can also make you feel good on a hot day, the lack of flavor and a lack of fizz that has people turning to soda instead. Luckily there're ways to get the same experience with a much healthier kick. Here's one way to create your very own Sprite look-alike drink for summer.

Is it the fizz or the flavor?

Of course, this drink will only work if you truly enjoy #Lemon And Lime flavors, as there are no added sugars to capture the flavors of the real Sprite. However, this is a healthier alternative to soda and could be a great way moving forward if you drink soda because of the carbon. Start out by cutting lemons and limes and putting them in a bowl. Half of each should be good for a 32 oz cup.

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To get the carbon fizz in your drink, invest in a Soda Stream unit. It is a great way to get a club soda base with pure tap water, where you can then add your own flavors. When making your own drinks, make sure to have the water first before adding any flavors. Once the water is ready, add the lemon and lime slices and give them a good squeeze as you add them to your glass. If you feel you need to make the drink sweeter, consider adding some mint leaves or even some raw sugar -- just not too much.

What other flavors can you use?

If lemons and limes are not your favorite flavors, consider going for an orange slice instead. This adds a sweeter taste to everything rather than a bitter flavor.

What do you think of this drink solution to get more water into your diet? Do you think this is something you will try out during those hot summer nights when you need some extra water?