There are over seventy million fathers in America, so it should come as no surprise that it brings in over $1 billion in retail sales, every year.There are those who believe all the credit of Father's Day becoming a holiday, should be given to American retailers.

The start of World War II made celebrating Father's Day as a way to support the war effort and honor our American soldiers. What started out as a national institution eventually became a federal holiday in 1972 when President Nixon signed a proclamation making it an official holiday.

Dad loves food

Do you have a Dad who loves cook and be creative in the kitchen, or maybe he just loves to eat?

In either case, we have gift ideas for you. Father's Day is all about saying thanks for all his hard work and funny, quirky things about him you love so much. We all know that eating and cooking or even reading about food, not to mention just talking about food can create family memories we will cherish for years.

With that in mind, why not make this the best Father's Day yet, with some of these fun and trending foodie ideas we think Dad and everyone around him will love!

Gastronomy Kits

If your dad loves to cook, then this might be the Lamborghini of fun cooking tools! This kit takes home cooking to another level and turns out some seriously yummy dishes. Call it what you like, modernist cuisine or molecular gastronomy, these kitchen tools are here to stay.

And, if he is adventurous and loves trying out new things in the kitchen, then this is the perfect gift for him!

Poky's for men

Poky's made just for guys and in this case dads who love to be trendy and love snacking even more. This is a very popular snack craze from Japan and is often out of stock. This is not an expensive gift, usually runs around $3.00 a pack, but think of the fun your father will have pulling out a box of Poky for men.

So worth trying to find a box in time for his big day.

Gourmet Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is something you either love or hate, but there are some dad's out there that secretly love it, but are afraid to admit it. If that's your dad, why not surprise him with a nice basket filled with all of his favorite treats, including lots of gourmet beef jerky, and let him know it's okay to have fun while hoarding his own supply of whatever it is he enjoys most.

Martha Stewart’s Wine Company

This gift has very little to do with martha stewart, and everything to do with good wines at a great price from around the world combined with delicious food ideas. Think of the fun your father will have choosing which wine goes best with his dinner menu and talking to his friends about how he came up with every selection.

Those are the top four picks for this year's trendy and fun Father's Day celebration, so have fun picking the perfect gift for your father!

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