Among the many trends in the year of 2017, such as fidget spinners and muddy jeans, Tiny food takes the cake for the most fascinating of them all, literally. Everyone from kids to adults, and even celebrities like Chrissy Teigen are obsessed with these short videos posted all over social media of delicious food made on a much smaller scale.

Everyone is obsessed, but will it last?

Although the topic of addictive food videos is nothing new on social media, the idea of making food smaller is defintely a new concept. This viral trend has everyone binge-watching these minute-long clips for hours upon hours.

Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram feature these addicting videos, featuring such things as tiny croissants, tiny french toast, and tiny quesadillas.

Many people claim that although these videos are oddly satisfying, they are used to this type of weird genre of content when it comes to the internet. Just a few months ago videos such as the 1000 degree knife were trendy but no longer capture the interest of the public, and many believe that these videos will follow in their footsteps. And that's exactly what the internet does, it provides a means of weird entertainment which always sparks up some form of hype only to inevitably die out within a matter of a few weeks, just to be replaced by another trend which will also die out -- and thus, the cycle continues.

Regardless of the longevity of the hype over these videos, one thing is for sure: once you start watching you won't stop until you realize it's three in the morning and you have work the next morning, but alas, you know how to make tiny omelets and tiny french toast for when you do wake up the following morning.

What will the next viral trend be?

Although these videos are most likely just another trend in the melting pot that is the internet, I should of course give credit to the creativity and precision that comes along with these videos. If you've seen these videos yourself, you can clearly see how preparing and cooking these tiny delicacies would be nearly impossible for the average, clumsy hands.

Whether these content creators plan on continuing the trend, or whether they move onto something else, many viewers can't wait to see what will come next. The creativity involved is certainly something to be admired -- along with the above mentioned precision. One thing with the internet is that something else can go viral in an instant. What will the next viral trend be?