We are all adults here, right? Summer drinks are made up of summer fun, relaxation, and light-hearted laughs. Small talk around Tiki bars, clubs, and after-hours pool parties should be one of subtlety and innocent flirtation. More than just a suggestive name, these drinks are fun, tasty and are meant to lighten the mood.

There are a whole lot of sexy sounding, after hours drinks, with names that will make the men around you sit up a bit straighter and look in your direction. Remember it is all in the name of good fun, and summer laughs!

Sexy sounding names

Sex on the Beach

This is probably the most well-known drink with a suggestive name. Most of these drinks have a citrus juice base.The drink has many variations. There are some that claim the original recipe is made with vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and orange juice over ice.

And, let's face it ladies, say the word sex anywhere and you've got the attention of every male within earshot.

Sloe Comfortable Screw

Of course, the name of this drink plays upon the pronunciation of sloe gin, which is actually pronounced "slow gin." The name of this drink plays with all the ingredients in the drink, creating one of the more suggestive names in this group.

First, you have sloe gin -- slow.

Then you have comfortable from -- Southern Comfort. Next, you add orange juice and vodka for -- screw -- the same ingredients in a Screwdriver. Leaving nothing at all to the imagination.

The name of this drink leaves nothing, what-so-ever, to the imagination.

All Night Long

This drink is made with a sweet and sour mix, Kahlua, crème de cacao, pineapple juice, and coconut rum.

We all understand what the name suggests, but after just one, if you're lucky two, of these drinks you will be out cold left on the dance floor -- all night long!

Leg Spreader

This drink is not only rather crude and some women might find it difficult to utter two words said seperatly are just find, but put them together, well, houston we have a slight vocabulary problem.

Not only is the name not for the faint of heart, and the drink is less so.

Let me cut to the chase, there is nothing but liquor in this drink. This drink is made of of four equal parts of -- liquor. To make this drink you will need, tequilla, gin, rum, and vodka. Of course, I would be terribly remis if I did not caution you to handle with care and proceed with caution.

Seduction on the Rocks

If you feel some of the names mentioned above are just a little over the top and a bit too course to say in public, then this one might be more suitable for your after-hours drinking vocabulary. This drink is made with orange juice, lemon soda and butterscotch schnapps then served over ice or served over rocks if you want to say in keeping with the name.

As with all activities that involve acholoic beverages -- whatever their names please drink sensibly, do not drink and drive, and remember the object of these names is to have a little fun... if you dare!