This latest trend taking bars in New York, Washington and London by storm is an adult only twist on the childhood classic. This deliciously frozen wine thirst quencher is a great poolside cocktail, warm summer night bar drink, or whenever you want a delicious icy creation.

Ordering a "slushie" at a chic bar in New York or London doesn't exactly give the greatest impression. I suppose that's why the word slushie is taken off the name. Derived from two words frozen and Rose the name Frose was born, you will also find people calling it a Frozen Rose.

Call it what you like, the popularity of this drink is more than anyone originally expected, last summer.

This summer people can't get enough of this drink, the idea behind it, and the different variations that have popped up since it was invented.

This is no novelty drink

Last summer this thirst quenching rosé slushy was nothing more than a novelty summer drink. But, this summer it has taken on a life of its own. People everywhere now are ordering it at bars, and restaurants, or discovering how easy it is to make it for their friends during barbecues and summer outings.

Blender and freezer sales on the rise

Suddenly people are running out to buy extra freezers, blenders, ice cube makers and finding themselves turning their kitchen cabinet space into wine bars.

From the simple use of whatever you already have been freezing your meats and vegetables in and blending your children's peas and carrots into running out to buy hardcore blenders and two freezers used for the sole purpose of preparing a Frose.

Make no mistake, these slushie making monsters are taking over kitchens around the U.S. and the UK.

Pinterest and Instagram

If social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are anything to go by, Frose is the trendiest wine drink of the summer. It's obvious people just can’t get enough of this pretty pink slushie.

Be forewarned

If you want to get this pink beauty just right, makes sure to choose a full-flavored, full-bodied, dark-colored rose for freezing. Don't be alarmed if it loses some of its colors due to the freezing process and it will also be a bit diluted after blending, that's why you pick the full-bodied dark-colored rose.

Be careful out there — this drink tastes just like fresh juice but is slightly more dangerous. Not for children, this is an adult drink that contains liquor. Please be careful around the little ones and make sure to have plenty of fun drinks for them when entertaining both your little and big friends.

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