One of the biggest trends in the food world right now are bright, sweet drinks named after mythical creatures. You've seen them before, the unicorn, the mermaid, and even the dragon. Coffee shops and restaurants are all hopping on board with their own versions of these sweet, sugary drinks named after and inspired by their favorite legendary creatures. While some of the drinks are pink, blue, green and sparkly, this one isn't as bright but it is just as striking and full of flavor.

Now Arby's is getting in on the trend with the announcement of their new Liger milkshake.

While the Liger isn't a Mythical Creature, it certainly is rare and so are these shakes which will only be available for a limited time.

What is the Liger shake?

Much like a real Liger (yes, they really do exist) the Arby's Liger shake has stripes. That's because the new and limited edition drink is a hybrid just like the animal except better tasting. The Liger shake is a mix of two Arby's milkshakes, the Ultimate Chocolate Shake and the Orange Cream Shake. That's what gives this sweet treat it's signature orange and brown stripes.

It's worth noting that the Ultimate Chocolate Shake is ultimate because Arby's uses Ghiradelli chocolate in their mix. If you haven't enjoyed the super decadent chocolate created by Ghiradelli, then you've been missing out.

The chocolate flavor mixed with the Orange Cream Shake gives off vibes of those orange flavored and shaped chocolate candies that you can buy from the grocery store, except in drink form and way cooler looking.

Is the Liger a real animal?

For those that may be wondering, the Liger is a real, living and breathing animal just like he talked about in the cult classic hit "Napoleon Dynamite." It is the hybrid result of mating a male lion and a female tiger.

While the Liger has been rumored to have some magical skills, it actually doensn't. Instead, it's a rare but real creature that resembles a lion with a full mane but has the markings of a Tiger, making for a very unique and breathtaking animal.

Much like a real life Liger, the Arby's Liger Shake is also described as breathtaking and unique.

The flavor combination of Ghiradelli chocolate and orange cream might just make this one of the best milkshakes on the market. Just keep in mind that this is a limited time deal and Arby's will only be offering their new milkshake during the month of June so be sure to check it out if you also love the chocolate-orange flavor combination and then be sure to check back in and tell us what you think.