Are you a sufferer of anxiety and depression? When you don't eat the right foods, it can affect your vitality and overall well-being. Here are 10 awesome foods that you can eat in order to boost your spirits:


Seaweed is one of the wealthiest sources of iodine, the mineral that is required for ideal thyroid and metabolic capacity, which are urgent for ideal vitality and disposition.

Atlantic salmon

Atlantic salmon is one of the biggest sources of the long chain polyunsaturated/unsaturated fats; EPA and DHA. These fats play a role in enhancing the capacity of your body's cells to take up basic hormones, incorporating those included in affecting your mood and State Of Mind in a positive way.


Beginning the day with a "legitimate" espresso is an everyday propensity for some as we search for the stimulatory impacts of caffeine to get our mind and our body moving. So go ahead and enjoy a glass or two a day of espresso for the joint advantage of some low GI carbs for vitality and also a caffeine pick-me-up.


The interesting thing about walnuts is that they are the nuts with the most basic fats known to enhance cell well-being. 10 walnuts every day advances cell divider arrangement and has been shown to help bring down blood cholesterol levels, which will likewise enhance blood flow in the body.


Eggs are a decent source of the key supplement choline. Choline has been shown to help with cell layer capacity and neurotransmission -- thought to be linked with mindset and vitality levels.

Red meat

Red meat in small portions 3-4 times every week will not only provide you with enough iron to stay healthy, but also provide you with a boost in mood and feelings of vitality.

Grain bread

Grain bread is also another excellent choice -- picking low GI carbs is one of the most essential things we can do once a day to help manage blood glucose levels, which keep up our vitality levels and fight the blues.

Green tea

Great news for tea drinkers! Drinking green tea on a daily basis will help to control your blood glucose levels and keep you hydrated.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is made with a high concentration of cocoa, and likewise contains high quantities of cell reinforcement atoms --flavonoids and the phenolic phytochemicals known for their positive medical advantages.


Legumes are great for boosting your mood. Whether it be kidney or soy, legumes offer the advantage of containing gradually processed carbs which will manage your state of mind and boost your mood, thanks to serotonin.