It appears as if Cool Whip has finally decided to take sympathy on those who love baked goods – such as Cheesecake – but lack the necessary skills to bake such beloved baked goods. According to a picture that surfaced by The Impulsive Buy on social media, there is a limited-edition cheesecake flavored Cool Whip currently on the market.

Details unclear

For anyone who has a major sweet tooth, this is one of those items in the dessert aisle you are going to want to get your hands on. Fortunately, this limited-edition Cool Whip is just in time for the summer weather.

While most of the details surrounding this – what is sure to be delicious – whipped cream are unclear, it has been confirmed to be in stock at Walmarts across the United States.

What kind of dessert should it go on

The Impulsive Buy posted a picture of the cheesecake flavored whipped cream on Instagram with a caption questioning what kind of dessert this particular topping should go on. Would cheesecake flavor whipped cream be a nice topping for cheesecake, for example? Would this limited-edition Cool Whip be a sweet topping on pumpkin pie? How about an ice cream sundae? One time will tell what desserts this limited-edition topping will complement best.

Doesn’t have to top anything

If you are someone who is a serious fan of cheesecake but aren’t so great at baking – does this Cool Whip really have to be on top of any dessert?

In theory, couldn’t a person just crack open this tub of whipped cream and start tearing into it with a spoon? Considering a cheesecake is typically a combination of a graham cracker crust and a whipped cream cheese, one could also pick up a pack of graham crackers and simply use them as a spoon to scoop out and enjoy the Cool Whip.

This isn’t the first time

As big fans of Cool Whip might recall, this isn’t even the first time the company decided to get a little creative with flavored Whip Cream. In October of last year, they released a Peppermint Cool Mint flavor which ended up being a massive hit.

People are loving it so far

Those who have had a chance to taste this cheesecake flavored Cool Whip claim the flavor is mild enough to be enjoyable without being overpowering.

Some claim it would be the perfect topping for anything caramel, toffee, or chocolate flavored. Others have even said the whipped cream is pretty enjoyable being consumed straight out of a tub with a spoon. The real question is simple – are you going to be trying out this limited-edition cheesecake flavored Cool Whip?