Ranking the projected 15 starting National League first basemen in 2020

Freddie Freeman is a four-time All-Star. [Image Source: Flickr | Bryan Green]
Freddie Freeman is a four-time All-Star. [Image Source: Flickr | Bryan Green]

Freddie Freeman and Pete Alonso are both on the short list of NL MVP candidates.

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With about two months remaining until the 2020 regular season begins, let’s take a look at the players who are projected to start at different positions.

After ranking the projected starting American League first basemen, let’s now focus on their counterparts in the Senior Circuit. There seem to be more quality first basemen in the National League making this subjective list even harder to put together. Many of the players can almost be considered interchangeable as to where they are ranked.

Depth charts were taken from Fangraphs.


Freddie Freeman, Braves

In 2019, Freeman finished eighth in NL MVP voting, his fourth finish in the top-right in the last seven years. Long one of the most dangerous hitters in the league, he posted career-highs last year in home runs (38), RBIs (121), and runs (113). He’s also more than capable at manning his position, taking home a Gold Glove in 2018. MLB.com wrote on how he was pain-free for the first time in the offseason.


Pete Alonso, Mets

What an extraordinary rookie season it was in 2019 for Alonso as he set a new rookie record with 53 home runs. He’s not the most nimble first baseman, but his magical year at the plate helped him win NL Rookie of the Year and finish seventh in NL MVP voting.

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