5 weird stories to round off the Christmas holidays

A rather questionable jersey was being sold by Walmart until the complaints came [Image Sky News @SkyNews/Twitter]
A rather questionable jersey was being sold by Walmart until the complaints came [Image Sky News @SkyNews/Twitter]

Christmas isn't just about presents, a pretty tree and sleigh bells, as can be seen from these strange and weird news stories.doing the rounds.

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The Christmas season is enjoyable for many reasons. However, sometimes strange things can happen too, like an angry tortoise setting fire to his home, a teacher wearing a full bodysuit decorated with human organs, a whole load of worms landing on a beach, a questionable jersey being sold by Walmart and a teen rescued by Siri.


Spanish teacher wears full bodysuit marked with internal organs in class

Veronica Duque, 43, a Spanish school teacher, came up with a great way of teaching her students about anatomy. She turned up at school wearing a white coat. Underneath she had a full bodysuit, clearly marked with all the internal organs. She believed this would help students visualize the positioning of each organ. However, she got a mixed reaction from her class in Valladolid, with some cheering students and others covering their eyes.


Thousands of 'fat innkeeper worms' wash up on California beach

Thousands of 10” creatures looking for all the world like a man's genitals, washed up on a beach in California recently. While technically speaking they are worms, the garish looking critters were washed ashore by powerful winter storms. The strange creatures are a type of marine spoon worm and are also known as “p*nis fish.” They covered Drakes Beach, around 31 miles north of San Francisco. Normally the worms live in burrows under the sand, so people normally see them rarely.

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