When people think about adding a dog to their family, they automatically think of adopting a puppy. However, senior dogs can deliver just as much love and joy to your home. While puppies can be messy, destructive, and need to be trained, senior dogs are already conditioned to obey many basic commands, love naps, and snuggles and make excellent rescue dogs. They are also very grateful to be rescued.

Here’s Molly, an 11-year-old female beagle. November is 'National Adopt a Senior Pet Awareness' month, and we're hoping that Molly will soon find her forever home.

She is an extremely gentle and loving senior! She is a foster for Lucky Paws Midwest at Bob’s House for Dogs in Wisconsin.

Facts about beagles

With their sturdy and muscular structures, beagles look like small foxhounds. Famous for their tricolor coat (black, white and tan), they also have red and white, yellow and white or orange and white coats. The American Kennel Club estimates that a Beagle’s expected life span is 10-15 years.

Although hunting hounds have been in England since the Roman occupation, it's likely that it wasn't until the 18th century when Beagles became the result of a mixture of several hounds. Hunters found them handy as relentless chasers of foxes and rabbits.

Beagles can be very protective of their environments without being aggressive towards strangers.

If a suspicious person approaches the house, they will bark relentlessly, making them excellent guard dogs.

How to take care of a senior beagle

As dogs age, their bodies' systems slow down, and there may be some signs of general wear and tear. They may also become forgetful. This does not mean that you can't get to enjoy these wonderful canines.

By adjusting their diets, routines, and surroundings, senior dogs can live out their years to the absolute fullest.

An older Beagle will still be very keen to eat, play and explore unless there is an underlying health issue. Regular vet visits would be ideal to maintain health and address any issues.

Molly's personality

Molly is just adorable and very well mannered.

She has won everyone's hearts with her quiet, sweet demeanor. She enjoys lounging on the couch, strolling in the yard, as well as playing with tennis balls and soft Pets. Molly just had her dental and is looking forward to meeting people.

According to a Facebook post by Bob’s House for Dogs, ‘She has velvety ears and such a kind demeanor.’

The ideal home and owner

Molly will fit in well with any family. If you are a single, senior, or suburban family, an apartment dweller or outdoorsy type, Molly's your girl. As stated earlier, she loves to get some playtime outside, and this is how beagles feel as if they are “part of the group.” They also love children, and vice versa and Molly proves to be a gentle playmate.

However, you may also need to keep boisterous kids (humans and puppies) under supervision with older dogs, since fading sight and hearing, along with fragile bones, are all factors that could result in injury if play gets a little out of hand.

How to adopt her

If you are interested in adopting Molly, you can contact Bob’s House for Dogs at 715-878-4505. It is a cage-free facility and offers a kennel-free, home-like environment for seniors and special needs dogs. The facility states on its website that because their dogs become very excited when visitors arrive, making an appointment would ensure that they have more than one person to assist the adoption coordinator, in order to introduce the dogs in a very controlled manner.