Zagunis stays red hot in Chicago Cubs loss to Milwaukee

Mark Zagunis is having himself a spring [Image via MyrtleBeachPelicans/YouTube]
Mark Zagunis is having himself a spring [Image via MyrtleBeachPelicans/YouTube]

The Cubs dropped another Spring Training game on Saturday to the Brewers but there was one outfielder who had a good game.

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When there was talk in the offseason about how to fix the Chicago Cubs in 2019, Mark Zagunis wasn't mentioned. There was talk the team was going to try and improve through trades but there weren't many trades coming. It's possible the minor league outfielder could be kind of a trade that the team doesn't have to send any players away.


Mark Zagunis-Cubs

The outfielder has been seeing plenty of action this spring and it's paid off. He hit his third homer of the season on Friday and went 1-for-2 with a double and an RBI in Saturday's loss to Milwaukee. He's hitting .400 on the season.


Albert Almora-Cubs

Almora is another Chicago Cubs outfielder having a good spring. In the 7-4 loss, Almora delivered an RBI and is also hitting .400 this early part of the spring.


Travis Shaw-Brewers

Speaking of having a good spring. Travis Shaw went 2-for-3 with a homer and two RBIs. He's hitting .600 so far this preseason and looks like he could be a big contributor for Milwaukee this season.

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