Polar bears have left their natural habitats in the arctic and have entered residential areas of a Russian outpost presumably in search of food. The outcome of such actions on the part of the animals is panic with people unable to leave the safety of their houses. They have no other alternative but to remain indoors and even the children have stopped going to their schools. The Russians have declared a state of emergency in Novaya Zemlya archipelago where their people stay.

Daily Mail UK reports the polar bears are aggressive and have entered homes and public buildings.

There are more than 50 of them and they have kept the population on edge with their “aggressive behavior” since December. The authorities are trying to devise strategies to handle the situation because it boils down to man-animal conflict. The deputy head of the local administration says, “There are constantly 6 to 10 bears inside the settlement.”

Global warming to blame

The movement of polar bears from the Arctic to residential areas could be a result of the melting of the ice because of Global warming and consequent non-availability of food. Hence, they have ventured into the alien territory of humans for food. It is their survival instinct at work and they have attacked and chased people, possibly when threatened.

Daily Mail UK adds the local administration requested Moscow to allow their physical elimination but that is not possible because they belong to endangered species.

The animals appear to have become immune to vehicle and dog patrols and Moscow will have to look at alternative options.

Russia has a defense setup in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

A case of man-animal conflict

According to Fox News, Polar Bear invasion in the Soviet nuclear testing archipelago Novaya Zemlya has compelled the administration to declare a state of emergency in the region where Russian military personnel reside. The head of the local administration has been here since 1983 and says – “I've never seen such a massive polar bear invasion.” The animals are not afraid of people but are chasing them and entering their houses.

The invasion is unprecedented in the history of the island and in the opinion of one of the residents, the animals feel humans are no longer a threat which is a scary scenario. They are not afraid of shots fired in the air or of the blaring of car horns and the law does not allow elimination of them.