Situated in the western coast of America, the nevada triangle contains landmarks like Yosemite national park, the top-secret US base Area 51 and Death Valley. Over the last six decades, hundreds of aircraft have gone missing after venturing into the area, and it has come to be known as the graveyard of aircraft. The presence of Area 51 in the region makes the situation more interesting, especially for those who study UFOs and aliens.

The Sun UK reports about an incident that happened 11 years ago involving a billionaire adventurer Steve Fossett.

He was an experienced pilot and was on his way to meet one of his friends when he went missing with his aircraft near the California/Nevada border in 2007. He was in a single-engine aircraft and when he failed to turn up even after six hours, a search began. In the course of searching for him, the rescuers came across several unidentified crash sites in the area but there was no trace of him.

The probable reasons

The remains of Steve Fossett were discovered nearly one year later when a hiker found some documents that provided a sort of link in the form of damaged ID cards that belonged to Steve. The wreckage was also located and DNA was conducted on a couple of bones found there to establish the identity.

However, the question remained unanswered of how an experienced pilot like Steve could meet such a fate. There were different theories doing the rounds, among these was one about a conspiracy of aliens. This is understandable because US base Area 51 is in the area and there have been reports in the past about its links to unexplained activities related to ET.

However, John Kelly has been flying in Nevada since 1974 and when he heard about the Nevada Triangle from a TV show, he expressed his opinion to the media.

He blames it to the weather. He says that "it's people flying over the mountains and misjudging the air pressure."

More than 2000 planes lost within 60 years

According to Express UK, more than 2,000 planes have vanished in the Nevada Triangle over a period of 60 years. A section of the people put the blame on the local geography and climatic conditions that give rise to irregular atmospheric conditions. These, in turn, can lead to accidents and have worried the experts and conspiracy theorists for decades.

While searching for Steve Fossett, the rescue teams discovered some more aircraft that had also crashed when they were flying over the Nevada Triangle. Obviously, this is a mystery and needs a thorough investigation to establish the real reason and rule out possibilities of alien abductions.