5 things we learned in Nebraska basketball's win over Seton Hall

The Nebraska basketball team beat the Seton Hall Pirates 80 - 57 on Wednesday night.

The Nebraska basketball team came out on Wednesday night knowing their game against Seton Hall was their first test of the year. They passed that test with flying colors. Check out what we learned from their 80-57 win.


The Huskers are not overhyped

After two wins over cupcake teams, the Huskers came out Wednesday night looking a little sluggish. They turned it on at times in a way that showed they really are as good as their press. This team looked like an NCAA tournament team. They looked like a Top 25 team. They looked like a team Big Ten teams should worry about.


James Palmer Jr is still very special

The man that the Huskers are expected to lean on this season struggled mightily to start the game against the Pirates. In fact, he went 0 for his first 8 from the field. He finished the game on a 7 for 12 run. It should be pointed out that even when he was missing, he found a way to score thanks to going to the rim. In addition to seven field goals, he was also 13 of 18 from the free throw line.


Glynn Watson's turnaround seems to be real

After two very good games against cupcake opponents, Glynn Watson had another good game against Seton Hall. No, he's not going to shoot 70 percent from the field all season. It appears he's also not going to shoot 34.7 percent like he did in 2017.


The Huskers defense is real

Another game, another defensive masterpiece. Tonight Seton Hall shot just 35.6 percent and just 2 of 16 from beyond the arc.


They didn't play their best and still romped

Make no mistake about it. At times the Nebraska basketball team looked completely out of sorts. They struggled to score during periods of the first half. Despite all of that, they won by more than 20 points over a Big East opponent. The Huskers are scary good right now. Here's hoping they can stay focused.

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