5 things to know about Nebraska football commit Zach Weinmaster

The Nebraska football team actually got two commits on Sunday but fans have likely heard less about Zach Weinmaster

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Zach Weinmaster announced he was committed to the Nebraska football team last week. Because that announcement was a bit under the radar its possible some Husker fans missed it. There are some things to be known about Weinmaster.


He's a 'preferred' walk-on

Weinmaster is a kind "extra" pickup for the Huskers as he won't count against their scholarship limit. This is especially surprising because he's not an in-state kid, rather he hails from Colorado.


This wasn't an immmediate turnaround

The Huskers offered Weinmaster on October 20. It took him about a month to decide if he wanted to walk on at Nebraska. When you consider that in-state kids tend to say yes right away, he definitely had to put some thought into it.


He could be a poor man's Spielman

While Weinmaster played running back in high school, it's likely he'll be more of an R receiver at Nebraska. That's where Spielman plays now.

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