5 quotes of note from Nebraska football's Monday post practice press conference

The Nebraska football players and coaches met the media on Monday, November 19 to talk about the Iowa game.

Getting ready for the Nebraska football game against Iowa, the Huskers players and coaches talked about the rivalry as well as last week's game and the season as a whole. Some of those comments were quite enlightening.


Bulletin board material?

Huskers' head coach Scott Frost is clearly joking around here but the new coach calling Iowa's long serving head man "old' is gonna raise some eyebrows. Even if it doesn't mean anything in the game, that was a shot across the bow done in a funny way.


Flipping the Nebraska football narrative

When teams recruit against the Huskers, they tend to do it by talking about the cold weather. It's great to hear that these recruits cared less about the cold than they did seeing snow. The narrative that all the Huskers strengths are on offense being proven wrong helped too.


Spielman coming back would be huge

It's pretty clear the Cornhuskers very much missed JD Spielman on Saturday against Michigan State. Him being back and "full-go" would be huge for the Iowa game.


Supreme confidence

Tanner Farmer isn't the only player who has talked about how confident they are heading into the Iowa game. It's great to see this level of confidence any time.


Putting the past, in the past

Luke Gifford has the right idea about the Nebraska football team. This is a very different squad, even if they might finish with the same record as the 2017 squad.

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