5 coaches who could replace Colorado's Mike MacIntyre

The Colorado Buffaloes have been rumored to be about to fire head coach Mike MacIntyre. If they do there are some names who could step in.

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Colorado football head coach Mike MacIntyre appears to be on the hot seat. It's really not a huge surprise considering his team started 4-0 and is now sitting at 5-5. His firing is expected at the end of the season. Should he be fired, there are some well-known names that could replace him.


Jim Leavitt

Currently the linebackers coach for Oregon, he's been a head coach before at South Florida. He's also been a position coach at Colorado before.


Mark Helfrich

The former Oregon Ducks head coach (yes there's a weird synergy in these first two choices), he's had an excellent season this year as the Chicago Bears' offensive coordinator. He still might come back to the college ranks to be a head coach again.


Matt Wells

The Utah State coach is obviously the up and coming name thanks to several very nice years at a school that has traditionally had problems winning. He'd be able to stay around his home region if he coached the Buffs.

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