5 catchers the Chicago Cubs could target this offseason

It's become apparent that the Chicago Cubs are going to need a veteran backup catcher. The good news is there are plenty available.

The Chicago Cubs are likely going to need a backup catcher this offseason. It was clear that the catcher situation in 2018 simply wasn't good enough. The good news is there are plenty of veteran presences out there the team can sign to relatively cheap, one-year deals. Check out the Top 5 options the Cubs should look at.


Rene Rivera

He's already served as a backup catcher with the Cubs before. He could come back this offseason. Rivera isn't an offensive juggernaut by any stretch, but he is a defensive stud who could take some heat of Willson Contreras.


Brian McCann

McCann isn't the offensive weapon he used to be, but he's still a competent major league hitter. The big downside here would be whether or not he can bounce back from a lingering knee injury from last season. He did play in four postseason games for the Astros, so even Houston thought he still had good value.


Jonathan Lucroy

You're going to notice a pattern when it comes to these candidates. None of these guys are going to be a real threat at the plate. Jonathan Lucroy at least used to be someone who put fear in opposing pitchers' hearts. Maybe he can do it again. In 2018, he hit .241 with four homers and 51 RBI.


Stephen Vogt

Vogt spent 2018 with the Brewers, which might be a bit of sweet revenge for Cubs fans. He had a decent season with Milwaukee, appearing in 45 games and hitting .254 and eight homers. That was a turnaround from a tough start to the year with Oakland.


Robinson Chirinos

Of all the names on this list, Chirinos is easily the most attractive. He's also easily the most expensive. It's unlikely the Cubs are going to spend what it would take to get Chirinos here as a backup catcher. In 2018 he only hit .222 but bashed 18 homers.

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