5 Twitter reactions to the Florida governor's debate

It wouldn't be social media if people weren't talking all about the Florida governor's race on Sunday night.

The candidates for the Florida governor's race are squaring off in the final debate before the election. Their answers to the questions aren't nearly as interesting as how Twitter is reacting to those answers.


Out of his league

Ron Desantis certainly doesn't look like someone who believes he's doing well in this picture


Gillum looks good

One Twitter user is pretty sure that Andrew Gillum is enjoying kicking DeSantis around.


FBI Investigation?

The Florida GOP tweeted out that Andrew Gillum is under investigation from the FBI. That's certainly one reaction.


Donald Trump acolyte

Some haymakers are being thrown in this debate and Twitter is loving it.


DeSantis the clown

There are quite a few people who don't think DeSantis is performing well at all.

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