Top 5 smaller-sized horror movie villains of all time

These movie monsters aren't staggering in size, but they still terrify people regularly.


Chucky - 'Child's Play'

Chucky is one of the "good guys" and just wants to be your "friend to the end." Unfortunately, Charles Lee Ray's soul inhabits the body of this plastic doll. He becomes a gift for Andy, but also a curse as he terrorizes everyone around the boy. Chucky has been involved in numerous sequels and remains one of the most popular horror icons - big or small, today!


The Leprechaun - 'Leprechaun'

Somebody took his gold schilling! In Irish folklore and legend, leprechauns are little bearded-men who partake in mischief. They often have a pot of gold too. In the "Leprechaun" films, this creature is certainly mischievous and murderous. He'll grant wishes when someone uses one of his gold schillings, but they often have disastrous, fatal consequences!


Baby Oopsie Daisy - 'Demonic Toys'

The baby doll with crude comments and malicious ways popped up in "Demonic Toys." The concept of a bunch of possessed children's toys going on a killing spree may look funny on screen today. While this isn't exactly the most terrifying horror movie of all time, the concept of the main killer, a baby doll named "Baby Oopsie Daisy," is a bit scary. One might say he's a knock-off of Chucky. In fact, maybe a Chucky vs Oopsy Daisy movie needs to be done.


Sam - 'Trick 'r Treat'

Sort of like Chucky, Sam just wants to make some new friends for Halloween. Actually, he wants to enforce the "rules of Halloween." In his debut film, "Trick 'r Treat," Sam appears in multiple stories including one of his own. This smaller-sized horror villain is known for his orange pajamas, burlap sack mask, and pumpkin-style candy lollipop.


Gingerdead Man - 'Gingerdead Man'

Who knew that a bakery creation could be so terrifying? The Gingerdead Man is one of those crazy creatures capable of inflicting terror and pain, despite his smaller size. He's a Gingerbread Man come to life with the soul of a convicted killer. Yikes!

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