Top 5 classic horror movies to watch for Halloween season

These horror films stand the test of time and are perfect for scary viewing in October!


'The Exorcist'

The majority of the "possessed by a demon" movies coming out these days owe credit to the original. This one features famous scenes, including spewing, levitating, object throwing, and 360-degree head-spinning, among others. It's terrifying even to this day to watch!



The story of the psychotic killer, Norman Bates, who has an overbearing mother, causing him issues. It's got that famous shower scene and shrieking noise. Alfred Hitchcock certainly presented a horror masterpiece here!



Sigourney Weaver made a big name for herself in this Ridley Scott original about the battle between humans and aliens. In terms of famous scenes, who can forget the alien popping out of a stomach? This sci-fi horror is well worth the watch!


'The Shining'

Stephen King's tale about all the crazy things that go on inside Colorado's Overlook Hotel. It stars Margot Kidder and Jack Nicholson, with Nicholson's Jack Torrance among the greatest horror villains of all time!


'Night of the Living Dead'

Zombies run (or slowly stumble) amok in this film which is another black and white entry on the top five list. There have been plenty of sequel's, but George Romero's original stands the test of time. It even inspired Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video, which was in color, of course.

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